Timetable of Canadian Firearms Safety Courses & Exams

Firearms courses are usually scheduled once a month on a weekend, except during the summer competition season. Please contact me for more information.

8:30am to 5:30pm

The non-restricted part of the course (long guns). This is the regular "Canadian Firearms Safety Course" (CFSC) and if you are not interested in handguns, this is all you need.

CFSC testing is Saturday evening. You must pass the CFSC test to do the handgun course.

9:00 to 4:00pm
The "handgun" part of the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC). You must take and have passed the CFSC to attend this session, or have taken it in the past 30 days. (in Ontario must be over 18 to take the CRFSC exam)
4:00pm to 6:00pm
The testing portion of the Restricted Firearms Safety Courses.

* If you have a firearms prohibition order (may include peace bonds) you cannot take the course(s) until after your prohibition order has expired.

2022 Course dates

Jan 15/16 - CFSC/CRFSC - postponed due to Covid restrictions

Feb 12/13 - CFSC/CRFSC in Russell - sold out

Feb 20 - CFSC in Russell - sold out

Mar 12/13 - CFSC/CRFSC in Russell - sold out

Apr 2/3 - CFSC/CRFSC in Russell - sold out

Apr 9/10 - CFSC/CRFSC in Embrun - sold out

July 3 - CRFSC in Embrun - seats available

Aug 6/7 - CFSC/CRFSC in Embrun - sold out

Sept 24/25 - CFSC/CRFSC in Russell - registration opens a month before

Oct 8/9 - CFSC/CRFSC in Russell

Nov 26/27 - CFSC/CRFSC in Russell

Subscribe to the course waiting list I send out notices with detailed instructions on how to sign up for a course when registration opens (about one month before the course date). My courses usually sell out within a few hours, so subscribing to my mailing list is the best way to be informed of upcoming courses. A seat on a course is not confirmed until payment in full is received.Check out what my students have to say in these testimonials.

David Bartlett - Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructor in Eastern Ontario