Civil Advantage Firearms Training

Civil Advantage Firearms Training operates CFSC & CRFSC courses throughout Vancouver’s lower Mainland. Civil Advantage also offers live fire courses for beginners to law enforcement professionals. Visit the website at or check our schedule.

Rod Giltaca - Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructor

Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) Instructor, Rod Giltaca

Rod is a firearms enthusiast and an advocate for civilian firearm ownership. He is also an entrepreneur and Canadian businessman. As a business development professional and founder of YWire Technologies Inc., Rod travels across North America working with clients such as the US Government, US Military, and Fortune 20 Companies. This experience in communication has contributed to his passion, teaching civilians about firearm safety and sharing his adoration of the sport. Rod also maintains a YouTube channel dedicated to helping beginner shooters learn more about firearm operation and tips on firearms and equipment.

Rod is proficient with pistols, rifles and shotguns. He has trained in use of force, high risk entry and warrant service including numerous courses in combat rifle and pistol.