Offers CFSC Instructors a Professional Web Presence

As a Canadian Firearms Safety Course instructor, you know how challenging it can be to attract potential clients. Conversely, prospective clients frequently have trouble finding an instructor. Advertising your services in the local media is relatively expensive and often unproductive. In an increasingly "wired" society, people expect to access helpful, comprehensive information and services instantly via the internet. www.FirearmsTraining.ca allows you a simple and affordable mechanism to reach more clients.

Become a www.FirearmsTraining.ca affiliated instructor and take advantage of effective internet marketing now! For a $100 introductory set-up fee you can have your own customized pages so that students seeking an instructor in your area will more easily find you. You can take advantage of the memorable www.FirearmsTraining.ca domain name in your advertising and you will have a yourname@FirearmsTraining.ca email address. Promotional materials ranging from business cards and pens to shirts and hats featuring a www.FirearmsTraining.ca logo are under development, so let us know what your needs are and we can help provide the products you are looking for.

In addition to becoming easier for students to find, you will spend less time on the telephone with each potential student. This site answers so many of their common questions in simple, clear language, that by the time they speak with you they will know what they need and be ready to book the appropriate services.

For an investment that will pay for itself after a student or two, you can have an effective internet presence, without the headaches of building and administering your own site. The introductory special of $100 for the development and hosting of your pages for a year makes becoming affiliated a super deal. Be the first instructor in your area to sign up and secure your market area. I will not sign up multiple instructors from the same area, so your marketing investment will not be diluted by having your direct competitors listed on the site as well.

Take a tour of the template pages then contact me regarding the details of how to get signed up as a www.FirearmsTraining.ca affiliated instructor.