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Firearms Training affiliated instructors conduct Canadian Firearms Safety Courses (CFSC) and Exams. After the course, students will be able to comfortably and safely handle a wide variety of firearms, and will be familiar with current laws. In most provinces the Canadian Firearms Safety Course Exam(s) must be passed in order to get a Possession and Acquisition Licence - the actual training course is optional.

For someone relatively experienced with guns and not wanting to take the course, we would be happy to provide the course manuals and allow the CFSC exam(s) to be challenged. As some of the methods taught in the courses are different from many other firearms safety courses, studying the manuals is an excellent idea even for experienced shooters.

Take a quick QUIZ to see if you are ready to challenge the CFSC exam.

If you possess firearms, you MUST have a Firearms Licence or you will be subject to criminal charges and the confiscation of your firearms. Don't delay, licence application processing is taking six months! NEXT FIREARMS TRAINING CFSC PAGE